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Comments: We are so happy to have had Dr. Yoon perform my hip replacement in February 2022. "We" includes my spouse, who had to deal with my pre-op physical situation, which was just intolerable. Dr. Yoon made that all go away. After 6 months, I don't even remember that I had a full hip replacement. It feels that normal. No more pain, the wound healed well, and my life is my own again. Dr. Yoon did such a great job that my spouse, who, prior to the surgery, was doing all my household chores because of my pain, is now able to give those chores back to me to do. Oh, well.
Seriously, Dr. Yoon is terrific. And so is the Medical and Office staff, very polite, courteous, and professional. I would certainly recommend Dr. Yoon if someone needed a full hip replacement.
Thank you, Dr. Yoon!