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Comments: My name is Wanda Lynne Pinkney a.k.a. Nanny Buffee. I live in what’s referred to as a “luxury building”. I live on the 13th floor with my sister on January 5, 2021 we are going up in the elevator and it got to around the eighth or ninth floor something snapped in the elevator went plunging down oh my goodness… We thought we were gonna die we were screaming out for help.

It took building maintenance, Jersey City Police, Jersey City Fire Department, and OTIS the elevator company about an hour to get us out both of my knees were shattered!

Thank goodness I was lucky enough to be seen by Dr. Richard Yoon! I’ve had quite a bumpy road in my life and I’ve had about 16 surgeries, but Dr. Yoon and his staff were outstanding. He explained to me in detail what I was about to go through and he just made me feel safe and secure in his knowledge less afraid of what I was about to go through. It’s been a long and drooling rehabilitation!

I’m hoping that my knees should be at 100% by the end of the year relearning how to walk without a walker is the end game.

I’m even back to swimming for an hour a day! I’m alive and happy these days Unfortunately now I have injured my right shoulder and I don’t have to think twice about where to go… Dr. Richard Yoon is the only doctor for this injury and his staff is the best I’ve ever worked with so they can get my right shoulder back to normal!